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Perma Blend - Tina Davies Envy Lip Set (15ml)

€ 339.96 (€ 267.69 + VAT)
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Expected delivery: November 30, 2021
Availability: In-store
Introducing the revolutionary Tina Davies I ❤️ INK ENVY Lip Collection. Envy is a collection of deeper pinks, berry and nude tones that mimic the most popular iconic colors that women want today. Try It - Draw it - Ink it - Blush it…. Lip Blush, redefined. The ENVY Lip Collection includes: 6 ½ oz. Pigments 6 matching Lip Blush Stains 6 matching Lip Pencils 1 Color Chart 10 disposable Lip Blush Stains applicators Colors: NUDE - A lighter value pigment that yields a very soft, neutral outcome CINNAMON - A light-to-middle value warm pigment DUSTY PINK - A light-to-middle value cooler pigment that yields a very soft, neutral outcome PINK ROSE - A deeper value neutral pink-red pigment MAGENTA - A middle to dark value pink-purple cooler pigment WINE - A dark value very cool pigment


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