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Perma Blend - Blondes Set 7x15 ml

€ 228.45 (€ 179.88 + VAT)
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Expected delivery: December 20, 2021
Availability: Pre-order
Perma Blend's new Blonde Series consists of colors that will incorporate into the the Perma Blend line beautifully. It contains colors suitable for light blondes to darker blondes. Each color can be blended with each other to create the perfect tone for every client. Whether you are adding the lighter colors to the darker color or the darker color to lighter colors, this series will cover all the shades needed for those lighter clients. The colors are softer, warmer and a bit more translucent for the perfect natural blonde look! It comes with shading solution so you can lessen the pigment load if needed. Available in 1/2oz set only! This set includes (6) bottles of the following colors: Bridget Farrah Marliyn Scarlett Goldie Gwyneth Free bottle of Thick Shading Solution


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