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Onyx No2 PMU device with two hand pieces

€ 2,761.56 (€ 2,174.46 + VAT)
Expected delivery: June 03, 2021
Availability: Pre-order
Shipping fee: Free

Onyx No2 with two hand pieces is a great choice for those, who wish to purchase a PMU machine that offers the comfort of 2 hand pieces, which saves a lot of time when it comes to switching between needles or pigment colors. The device is capable of high and stable performance, produced in Germany, guaranteeing a high reliability that we all desire.

This device can be purchased with either one or two hand pieces. The description here is for the two hand pieces version. The advantage of 2 hand pieces, as explained above, is that you do not need to change your needles or pigment colors in one hand piece but you can simply work with 2 separate ones and switch whenever needed, saving precious time for you. The standard hand piece is capable of the speed 190, which is more than enough for any kind of work a technician might encounter in her profession.

The hand pieces work with needles and needle tips, meaning that you need to insert the needle firstly and then place a needle tip upon it. You can do all this by clicking movements, which is very simple and no rotation needed. This needle plus needle tip system is different from the well-known hygiene modules. Both systems have their purposes and advantages, what this one offers is that the needle is longer and therefore more flexible, making it great for certain techniques. If you would like to learn more about what this means, we organize training courses, adapted to the equipment have offer.


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