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Onyx 1 pointer regular needle with needle tip

€ 128.76 (€ 101.39 + VAT)
Availability: In-store
Shipping fee: € 4.17

Recommended for hair stroke eyebrows, lips contour, upper eyeliner and a very thin lower eyeliner. One quantity contains 20 needles and 20 needle tips.

Onyx needles are made from surgical steel and laser-finished to provide maximum precision. Long-lasting results and consistency are guaranteed. A very simple yet great black flow protection is implemented as well. Onyx meets all international safety requirements. All needles and needle tips are disposable and individually sealed in sterile packages.

Onyx needles and needle tips can be ordered together in packages of 20 pieces. Each ordered quantity will contain 20 pieces of needles and 20 pieces of needle tips. Assembling them together is easy, first you need to insert the needle into the hand piece, then put on the tip by clicking on it firmly.


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