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Ombre MISTY Webinar

€ 231.83 (€ 182.55 + VAT)
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Expected delivery: March 28, 2023
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Webinar is a great option for all those, who would like to receive additional training without having to travel far. These pre-recorded online seminars are accessible through our website. First watch the trailer and if you like what you see, you can purchase the full version.

Youtube videos


What do you get?

  • Watch the videos as many times as you want, while practicing each movement from your home. Rewind, pause or simply jump to the part, which is most interesting for you. The videos can be viewed for 3 months on our website after logging into your account.
  • Our webinars are recorded with professional, extremely high-quality filming technology, so that you can learn from Tünde Méhn easily.  With the help of perfectly sharp images, follow Tünde’s moves from close proximity, from the best viewing angles.
  • Everything is thoroughly commented so you can understand all of the steps. Theory and practice both covered in our webinars.
  • You can improve your skills, even while comfortably sitting in your armchair, saving the effort and costs of traveling.


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