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NPM Oron 60s PMU machine

€ 3,241.54 (€ 2,552.40 + VAT)
Expected delivery: June 28, 2022
Shipping fee: Free
Availability: In-store

The most advanced device in the world with an outstanding technology, when it comes to the field of permanent make-up and micropigmentation.

With its innovative design, beautiful silver color and its spectacular LED lighting at the bottom of the device, the ORON 60 will surely attract the eye of the connoisseurs.


The ORON 60 is equipped with a 3.5" full color screen, a complete detailed menu available in 7 different languages: English / French / Spanish / Russian / Italian / German and Hebrew.

Designed to be user friendly, the beginner technician to the most experienced one will enjoy its full capacity of features. The ORON 60 is simple to use, featuring pre -programmed speeds, needles and treatments. All the technician needs to do is choose the treatment and the ORON 60 will choose the needle and the appropriate speed. It's as simple as ABC.

Device maximum power and speed will reach over 6000 rpm. A variety of needles are available to suit all types of procedures, all needles are 100% sterilized and are for one time usage.

The ORON 60 is optimized for the use of the NPM series of cartridges needles and roller (PCT Patent No. 61-561,949). The device has two outputs which allow the technician to use two different types of hand pieces.

Also available with the ORON 60 is one of three hand pieces that could be adapted to our device. The "feather touch" hand piece that has been developed and adapted to this special model was crafted by Moshe Alul himself, light in weight and high end engineering is sure to please any experts in the field of Permanent makeup. The concept behind the creation of this hand piece was to give the artist that soft and gentle movement to create exquisite lines. The hand piece has its own stand that matches the design of the device.

The ORON 60 device was developed to achieve faster results and higher levels of quality in the fields of permanent makeup and hair follicles simulation.

An extra feature already integrated into the system but will be available in the near future is that the device is equipped with a memory card where the user will able to insert images of previous work done and present them to the customers.

Manufacturing Assembling under standard:
ISO 13485 & ISO 9001
MSDS reports
Bio compatibility safety requirements
CE Standard / FDA / LVD

Further important information:

  1. Sharp & accurate performances

  2. Large variety of needles & pigments provide you unlimited options

  3. Top quality - CE certificate, ISO standard and FDA standarts

  4. Excellent customer service

  5. Full training support

  6. 2 years warranty

  • 1x Oron 60 power and control unit
  • 1x Operational handle
  • 1x Operational pedal
  • 1x AC power Adapter
  • 1x Hard case

Hajtüsző szimuláció esetén az NPM roller (PCT szabadalmi szám No. 61-561,949) kompatibilis az NPM ORON 60-hoz tartozó kézi egységgel.
ISO 13485 & ISO 9001
MSDS leírások rendelkezésre állnak
CE Standard / FDA / LVD
Minden NPM készülékre 24 hónap teljes körű garanciát vállalunk, stabil szerviz hátteret nyújtunk.
• 1x Oron 60 sminktetováló gép
• 1x Kéziegység
• 1x Indító pedál
• 1x Hálózati adapter
• 1x Bőrönd


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