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NPM HFS roller modul

€ 54.68 (€ 43.06 + VAT)
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This roller fits into all of our hand pieces perfectly. Capable of doing hair follicle simulation in a very effective way and unqiue way. It was invented as an additional part of a permanent makeup system using state-of-the-art technology to perfect a youthful, fresh appearance and impressive solution to balding, thinning hair & hair loss in both men and women.

Latest technologies and extensive experience was invested in the development of our HFS roller (PCT Patent No. 61-561,949) in order to achieve completely natural and long-lasting results.

The roller’s spring system vibrates a cluster of 56 needles that are positioned on the roller wheel in a cross-weave pattern. By moving the roller on the scalp, tiny pigment points that resemble hair follicles form. With the roller system, large areas are filled within several minutes, resulting in a completely realistic texture with remarkably accurate appearance as a hair follicle.


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