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Lip Care Magenta

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€ 2.45
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This colour is so unique that it is not really similar to anything. It features pink, the innumerable shades of purple, giving the user a dynamic, attractive, special and cool style. It's like a dewy celosia in our garden. An interesting encounter between purple and pink in a single lip care stick. The attribute “sexy” is also essential in this case as well, it can be used bravely for even a basic makeup. Beauty and natural nutrition in a stick!


It ensures revitalized, hydrated, smooth skin to the user. It forms a coating on the skin, thus protecting it against environmental influences. In addition to daily lip care, it can be used as after care for eyebrow and lip PMU treatment. 100% natural cosmetics, contains only natural, vegetable ingredients, with high Vitamin E content. Thanks to this, it nourishes and protects the tattooed surface, moisturizes and softens the skin, it forms a coating on the skin thus protecting the tattoo. It allows maximum pigment implantation into the skin during the healing period after the PMU treatment and ensures pleasant healing period. It must not get into the eyes. For the after care of eyeliner PMU it is recommended to use the Eyeliner After Care cream. Apply a thin layer of the balm on the tattoo several times during the day, for 7-10 days.


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