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Kiss of Rosa Display package

€ 313.19 (€ 246.60 + VAT)
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Exclusive Kiss of Rosa Display package offer for the fisrt 50 customers!

Elegance, a touch of colour, intensive care and only natural ingredients.

Our product means this to us!

Our lip care products nourish the lips, provide moisture to the skin and provide a mild, casual color.


In addition, the ingredients have a regenerating and nourishing effect and they protect the sensitive skin from drying out. They are available in a wide range of colors and have silky skin feeling. The cooperation of the unique colour variations provided by minerals and the natural ingredients make the daily lip care easy and enjoyable! It protects, nurtures and spices up our appearance. Some of the ingredients come from ecological, organic farming, thus supporting the real essence of our goal of creating a cosmetic that can be used for long-term use without danger. Without artificial colouring, fragrance and preservative.

Rosa Herbal Skin Care is the guarantee of good quality!

Display Package:

  • 4pcs Coral Red
  • 4pcs Cherry
  • 4pcs Berry
  • 4pcs Rose
  • 4pcs Pearly Rose
  • 4pcs Magenta
  • 4pcs Nude
  • 4pcs Bronze
  • 4pcs Sunny 15
  • 4pcs Sunny 25
  • 4pcs Unisex 4pcs Lip Care
  • 1pc Exclusive Display
  • 12pcs Tester colors (1pc/color)
  • Amazing offer just for the first 50 orders!


  • exclusive display
  • 12 tester colors!


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Verified purchase
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