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Warranty conditions

OFFICIAL HUNGARIAN WARRANTY for the purchased product

We distribute our products in accordance with the rules governing the warranty in force in Hungary. Therefore guarantee of the products distributed by us is provided to you by the Hungarian importers of the producers. Thus you can enjoy the security of the service background and product support.
Only this type of guarantee ensures that if necessary, your machine can be professionally repaired in the shortest possible time or it can be replaced again if the specialized service decides so. 

According to the relevant legislation all of the products we distribute is covered by a warranty of at least 12 months.  A longer period of warranty is indicated separately for the given product. The product is warranted from the date of purchase, which is indicated on the invoice and the warranty certificate. 
In compliance with consumer protection requirements the producer is obliged to replace the faulty product in case the product failure was experienced within 72 hours after the purchase.

Warranty claim can be enforced only on presentation of the following documents:

  • The full factory packaging of the product with all factory accessories 
  •  A copy of the receipt or invoice
  • The warranty certificate of the product issued by our company
  • The certificate of Guarantee provided by the factory

In case of partial or total absence of the documents we are not able to accept your claim for warranty. 
We forward the devices brought back to our company with the warranty problem to our supplier providing warranty background, who will arrange for them to be repaired as soon as possible, subject to compliance with applicable laws. Warranty repairs and inspections typically take 1-2 weeks, but service providers reserve the right to extend this period in justified cases.
The 72-hour replacement only applies to products whose failure occurred during proper use. 
Manufacturers and distributors are obliged to undertake a 72-hour replacement only on the basis of an official service report, in order to avoid replacing faults due to improper use (e.g. crushing due to dropping, leaking, being stepped on, etc.). Accordingly, further action to be taken within 72 hours of failure of the product:
The malfunction detected must be reported by the dealer (vendor), the manufacturer/ importer's telephone number or the central service department (for more information, see the warranty certificate supplied with the product). If the notification is justified on the basis of an investigation of the service, the manufacturer undertakes to immediately exchange the product.
If it is evident that the failure occurred due to normal use within 72 hours, then of course we will provide an instant replacement.

If the proper usage is not evident, our Webstore undertakes to replace the faulty product within 72 hours only in view of the expert’s report of the official service.

In case of the failure of the product you must act on the briefing document to be found in the packaging or in the warranty certificate supplied to you together with the invoice. 
Our Webshop does not accept any package sent by Collect on Delivery, these packages will always be returned to the sender. 

Warranty return costs are always borne by the buyer. Of course, if after returning it turns out that this is a material defect or a problem under warranty, the webshop will reimburse the cost of shipping afterwards.
We are not able to reimburse the cost of shipping for any problems that have been repaired by third parties or are due to unprofessional use or adjustment or in case of faults that do not fall under warranty conditions. 
If the warranty or guarantee period has not been indicated for any product, please call customer service on the telephone to inquire about the warranty or guarantee period